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The Woodpecker Parlor

Due to popular demand, The Woodpecker Parlor is here. A small, simple and particuarly clean design make this an approachable guitar for many players. Being only 37 and 3/4” long with 14 frets to the body, it's great to practice on at home and take with you wherever you go.

Less is more. This instrument is one of the only actual luthier made guitar available anywhere in this price range. While the ornamentation and finish is minimal, it is truly 100% handcrafted by one person from start to finish. This instrument has character and is well built. It has no parts (aside from the tuners) that are mass produced. All the materials are all high quality and nothing is generic. The sides are solid wood, bent by hand over a heated pipe. The frets are all seated with a hammer and leveled with a mill file. The neck was carved with a chisel. The bone nut and saddle were cut from a bank, shaped with a file and polished with sandpaper. With all of the right touches and a solid design, this guitar is sure to please.

To order one of these (or any other instrument) please do so via my reverb store or email me for current availability.

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  • Top: Sitka Spruce
  • Back/Sides/Neck: African Mahogany
  • Fingerboard/Bridge/Headstock: Indian Rosewood
  • Nut/Saddle: Bone
  • Finish: Tung Oil Resin


  • Scale: 25.4"
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Strings Spacing at Bridge: 2.2"


  • Overall Length: 37 3/4"
  • Body Length: 17 1/2"
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16"
  • Scale: 25.4"
  • Upper Bout: 9 1/2"
  • Waist: 7 3/4"
  • Lower Bout: 12 3/4"
  • Body Depth at Heel: 3 1/8"
  • Body Depth at Tail Block: 3 1/4"

Care and Feeding

This instrument, like any instrument made of solid wood, will be affected by seasonal and environmental changes. Please use the included humidifier to prevent cracks during dry seasons.

This guitar has an oil based finish, which is softer than a conventional lacquer making it more prone to certain kinds of damage. (scratches, nicks, dents, etc.) To clean, use a paper towl dampened with water, or a mild ammonia solution (Windex) if neccessary. Should the finish ever become damaged due to wear and tear or accident, touch-up is easily performed by a qualified individual.