Nils Guitars & Mandolins


I began my career as a luthier in 2009 by learning to repair fretted instruments under the guidance of Owen Davidson at Downtown Sounds in Northampton, Massachusetts. After about a year of doing repair work, I built my first instrument. I continued to build instruments on a regular basis and eventually started selling them in the store. Over the past couple years I have developed numerous designs which can be seen here on my website.


As a luthier, my ultimate goal is to provide musicians with high quality instruments that they love and cherish. I want players of my instruments to be able to express their creativity and achieve their musical aspirations on instruments that they're proud to own. My belief is that instruments shouldn't be generic, but rather designed to suit the musician. They should also be made in a way that all features and natural characteristics work together as one. My desire is to provide musicians with the opportunity to own the instrument that suits them best.

Design and Craftsmanship

The design and craftsmanship of my instruments is the most important thing to me. My designs all prioritize sound, structural integrity and feel. With this in mind, I build the instruments strong where they need to be and lightly where they should resonate. The untmost care is used when installing frets and making necks, ensuring the best playability. I believe that producing the highest quality instruments I can is the best way to ensure that my instruments will be played and enjoyed for their lifetimes, while appreciating in value.